Florence Woolley_  

Work Don’t Work, 2020

16mm Film, 00.10 min

Selected Artist -  Artist Respond to Magazine 2020

Shot on 16mm film,  this film documents the furniture shop workers reopening their store the day the first Covid -19 lockdown lifted. The film considers how the inconsistencies of the filmmaking process, the light slippages, the blur and the sharp cuts between frames became another source of anxiety and uncertainty for the viewer.  Whilst the subjects in the image are cheerful, the fragmented sounds and technical irregularities point toward the government inadequacies, the overwhelming unpredictability and the mass job insecurity. By the time the film was developed it was winter and the UK was back in the second national lockdown. Re-situating myself within these moments, i refelct upon rethese fragmented images from a retrospective place in the future.